KidRocket Web Browser
New feature list:

  • New Email for Kids with Art/eCard attachments
  • New Time Lock for limiting a childs time on the computer.
  • New updated browser navigation (thumbnail GUI) and graphics.
  • New websites. (Public & KidSafe)
  • New online games and puzzles.
  • Now Vista compatible. (Windows 98, 2000, XP, MCE, Vista)
  • Updated kidsafe website list. view approved websites
  • Now provides vocal prompts and confirmations, for alerts and various security related operations. - It Talks!

Existing feature list:

  • Desktop protection "Lockdown" with ctrl+alt+delete disabling.
  • Full featured childrens web browser, internet filter.
  • Interactive math flashcards with configurable math equations.
  • Art section with Doodle/Paint Pad & StarBrite (Lite-Brite) game.
  • Full featured parental control panel - Browser admin.
  • Customizable browser colors (almost 250 colors)
  • Allow/Block Printing.
  • Allow/Block Email.
  • Built-in popup blocker
  • Time in Use: timer and Digital Clock

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